Blog post #1: In touch with well-being

„Get in touch with your passion and talents to steer society on a sustainable trajectory!“ was the call of a workshop I had the chance to attend at Leuphana University of Lüneburg last week. It was organized and facilitated by Milena Gross who holds a M.Sc. in Global Sustainability Science (Leuphana University Lüneburg and Arizona State University). Currently she is a trainee practitioner of the Pantarei Approach (until Nov’19) and trainee Tension and Trauma Releasing (TRE®) provider (until early 2020).

After two hours of mindful verbal and particularly non-verbal communication, inner listening, feeling into and re-connecting to our bodies, creativity sparking exercises, accompanied by Milena, we the participants were invited to bring our impressions, feelings, our embodied knowledge, to paper. What emerged to me, leaving my hand, were the following lines…


Deep relaxation


Found nowhere else

than deep




Life´s Opera

Wind on my skin

I feel you

I am listening

To you and my heart

We sing the same song


There are no words which can express which type of feeling I currently manifest.

It´s not dreaming, it´s not necessarily highly awake.

It´s BEING – for simply being´s sake.

It´s pureness



many souls

like many leaves

on a tree


with ease we are moving

through space

receptive like your roots for water


There might be heavy rains


all is nourishing


Life is constantly present.


While we sustainability scientists are working towards stopping the exploitation of this planet, it can occur that by doing so we come to exploit ourselves, unconsciously. Milena not only brings attention to this problem but already provides one solution with her work.

I already had to notice myself that I can only provide light and energy if I take care of my inner fire. Only taking good care of myself will allow me to look after others.

Thanks Milena for bringing this to our attention. Thanks for having created this space for us.

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