Blog post #35: Laugh. Learn. Connect. An interactive traveling exhibition.

I enjoy creating spaces where we can

  • laugh about ourselves and together;
  • learn about ourselves and together;
  • connect to ourselves and to each other.

That’s what I did living in Lüneburg. That’s what I have been doing since I left, visiting different places.

I believe in the power of questions.

With a soft spot for colorful walls and backgrounds, over the years a(nother) photo series evolved, „portraying“ my hand. Hands, to me, stand for connection, collaboration, crafting, …. Hands symbolize ACTION. I use my hands to touch, to grasp, to reach out for something.

On the back of each picture there are questions, inspired by the picture on the front. They are an invitation to REFLECT.

I have been placing these pictures in places I feel resonance with, in places that foster encounters. My intention? To foster conversations and to foster introspection.

Why? Because I love what Gogo Dineo once said: „How can we bear fruit if we are not rooted?“

Questions are powerful.

Words are powerful.

We are powerful.

So let’s do something with our power.

One thing is clear: I want to keep laughing, learning, and connecting.

So I´ll just keep doing what matters to me.

What about you?

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