Blog post #2: „Learning to collaborate is life-long“

…nevertheless, it is assumed when entering the workplace that we already know how to collaborate. Praxis, however, shows us that we might want to reconsider this assumption – and act accordingly.

Rebecca Freeth shares in her blog post Learning to collaborate while collaborating the essence of her and Guido Caniglia´s article.

I had to smile reading their proposition of „treating team research as a magnificent opportunity to experience discomfort.“ Who would want that?! might be a common reaction. Discomfort. No matter if in private settings or at your workplace, at least I´m seeking harmony as a rule. However, my own research has taught me better. Not always the comfortable way…

Collaboration means engaging with difference. Difference can lead to questioning – one´s own and other people´s assumptions. Such moments bear a unique potential to grow as a person and grow together as a group – if we know how to deal with such differences, discomforts or even conflicts.

I´m happy to read that Rebecca Freeth and Guido Caniglia will continue working on that – and hope that more people will realize in the meanwhile that ultimately a project´s success is the product of quality collaboration.

I am willing to learn – which means I need to be open for differences and the discomforts they may bring, being willing to engage with them. What about you?

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