Blog post #6: A matter of attitude

Compared to Sophie´s world, Jostein Gaarder´s book The Orange Girl is a rather thin one – but carrying a message which turned into a guiding principle of my life. Without wanting to reveal too much, let me say that I closed this book with a smile. Despite the fact that it is about a letter a dying father wrote to his later son. He won´t be able to give the right answers to his coming-of-age son. However, he can try to ask the right questions …

by Chiara Ciccarello

In „What I want to spend my life with“ I mentioned that a question occupying my mind is how we can move from apathy to proactivity, or to co-creativity. The „right“ attitude is central, in my mind, to make this jump. To me, life is a gift. Every day a new adventure. Lucky me, I WANT to say each day to myself.

Books like The Orange Girl supported me in this worldview. Have you ever wondered where your attitude „comes from“? Open invitation to self-reflection 🙂

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