Blog post #18: Why farmers are role models, e.g. for educators

Imagine farmers do not do their job properly. What shall we eat?

Imagine farmers do not think ahead. What they want to eat, to harvest, to produce, to see growing, to share with their community. What then?

It´s getting spring. Time to think what I want to plant this season (a Brokkoli just reminded me, thanks for that). Time to think what I need for that. For instance: Good, healthy soil – and seeds. Latter one depending on what I want to harvest. Certain aspects crucial for farming, like the amount of sunlight and water, I can only partially influence, e.g. in looking for a space where I have easy access to both. Favorable conditions. In the end, however, it also depends on the weather. That´s out of my control. Still, what I as a farmer can do is to ponder about and to create conducive conditions for growing. Whatever I want to grow – it starts with a vision.

I know that a field with high plant and species diversity is ultimately more resilient.

I know that monocultures and mechanization might seem to produce high yields – However: Ever thought about the (hidden) costs and longterm consequences? Where to grow once the soil is exploited?

While working on a biodynamic community-supported farm, the main farmer described himself as a steward of the land. Ultimately, we are all caretakers. Farmers of some piece of land. And educators? – Caretakers of fertile learning processes and environments. Like in permaculture, what matters is the design. Thinking and planning prior to actually getting your hands earthy (not dirty) – to then let the plants grow together, benefitting from each other.

A farmer cannot take over the plant´s growth. What the farmer can do and needs to do is being attentive – attentive to the plant´s needs during the growing process. What farmers and educators can do is creating favorable, fertile conditions allowing seeds to sprout and take shape, evolve, grow, thrive. Becoming a plant. Nourishing all of us.

Imagine educators do not do their job properly. How will our future look like?

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