Blog post #19: The power of the individual – to make a difference together

While on a hike, I came across this pile of stones. It was more to me than what it is set out to be. (No, apparently it was not enough „just“ to be a life saving sign at that moment when I was wandering lost in thought, pondering about meaning of life questions…). It demonstrated for me the importance of each individual stone constituting this potentially life-saving pile. No matter the size, the color, the weight, the shape, the location – all together it makes it what it is.

I had to think of this pile of stones this week, after the final event organized and “put together” by the students, concluding our semester-long seminar. Some students took care of inviting guests, promote the event, prepare an exhibition, prepare the room, make sure that technical equipment works, a few moderated. There are smaller and bigger tasks to fulfill to make for a great event. Just as there are bigger and smaller stones making up this pile. Key is: It´s all the different parts together that make it “complete”.

It was the students working together what made the event what it was: a shared space for discussion and reflection about topics concerning us all.

Too often we might feel we are too small to make real change. Because we do not realize that smaller as well as bigger efforts are needed to move forward. To start moving things, to start changing.

Thanks to all the students who fulfilled smaller and bigger tasks – TOGETHER you organized a pretty great event! Feel free to feel proud – and move on in this spirit! Be aware of your power.

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