Blog post #5: Another one of „us“

Marga and I have quite a lot in common. Just that she is bringing her energy to fruition in Vancouver/Canada.

She aims to co-create spaces that promote sustainable well-being and one of her aspirations is to transcend silos. She writes

solving today’s complex and wicked problems requires collaboration. I am passionate about connecting people to new ideas or groups of people in order to facilitate collective impact. This involves plenty of communication, engagement, and dialogue.“

For me, Marga highlights what I meant by „the power of one“ while only being able to change the world for the better together. She as an individual is active in several community initatives, be it as a volunteer or as a coordinator. Her power – multiplied by the power of other individuals.

Although we haven´t met yet in person I know there is a connection between us. Empowerment – in recognizing that none of us is alone in our endeavors. Geographical distance does not matter in this regard.

She unites head, hands and heart to make this world one everyone can thrive in while being nurtured by her passions.

For me, this seems like sustainability – from within, carried outside.

If you happen to look for an ambitious and eager agent of change who knows how to connect people for a greater purpose – why don´t you reach out to her?


If you wonder what might have been a puzzle piece on her way of becoming an agent of change I can recommend you to check out Rob Vanwynsberghe´s website. He is a committed educator at the University of British Columbia, having introduced the Education for Sustainability program.

Some people are afraid of change, starting with the word. Others are simply doing things – maybe just differently than we used to.

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