Blog post #4: The attitude of trees

Last week I went running again. Completely in my thoughts, what happened – I fell. My T-shirt torn at my left shoulder. I did not continue running. Everything came over me in that moment. I thought maybe that was a sign, indicating to slow down again. I cannot remember when I was sitting, simply sitting next to the river the last time – to just sit. Being present, observing and enjoying this beautiful surrounding I have the chance to live in.

I sat down on a cut back tree, so close to the river that I could see my own reflection in it when I looked down. I sat there, on the tree trunk, my right hand on the second, connected trunk which was cut off. I felt sorry for the tree. Or, in other words: I felt connected. Sometimes external factors “cut one short”. It does not need to be your decision. Things happen. The tree was cut back. Also one of my branches has been cut off recently. Looking at the tree – I felt the pain.

Be it external factors or naturally occuring, powerful thunderstorms. They might do something to the trees. On purpose I do not say ‘harm’. Because what I could see, sitting on this tree trunk, my hand on the cut off one on the right: in between them, at their center, fresh green leaves on little twigs coming through the bark. Yes, this tree was cut back dramatically. However, something new is on its way. It is just a matter of time.

What this tree taught me was an attitude humans need, I believe: no matter how tough the thunderstorm that shook you, no matter which external factors “cut you back” – it is not the end. Branches might be off – but something new might come to life. Nothing worse. Just something different. And, yes, we have to start small again. First a twig, with some leaves, and then a branch, until at some point maybe a beautiful crown can provide shade and habitat again.

I´m happy I didn´t hurt myself more than the little bruise on my left shoulder, of course. I´m wondering though, if I should say I am grateful that I fell.

Learning opportunities are omni-present – provided I am willing to see it that way, and allowing myself time and space to learn.

My „teachers“ – or call it „mental biomimicry

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