Blog post #3: To dance beautifully, each one must stand in their own axis.

I am the one responsible for my own balance. A key lesson in Tango which couldn´t fit better to highlight the importance of self-care, particularly for working in teams. A fellow GAIA community member brought it to the point in saying “If I am not safe in my body all the other visions are gone.” What are you doing to take care of yourself? What nurtures you? What allows you to thrive?

It would be hypocritical to post about the importance of inner sustainability neglecting it myself. So what do I do? There are different means of taking care of oneself. Tango is definitely one way which allows me to get centered, present and joyful. It provokes a feeling no words can do justice for.

Another one I am about to explore: psychotherapy. If you are surprised by me making this public – that´s on purpose. A friend of mine correctly said: While it is common to see a doctor because we have pain here or there – seeing a psychotherapist still seems to be a taboo in many places. We are keen on treating symptoms. Root causes are tough to approach. What are we after though?

I want to stand strong. For myself, for my relationships, for my team, for the planet. How to do so if I am not in balance, if I am not taking responsibility for standing in my axis? I need to know myself in order to do so. Knowing what fuels me.

I want to dance beautifully. I want to enjoy all my dances – from Tango to teamwork. I am taking care that I am able to do so – letting my passions fill me with strength, courage, motivation and joy.

Shall we dance?

Angel Pulice & Ruth de Vicenzo – Tango artists whose music I could enjoy several times while living in Buenos Aires, being part of the Tango Community.

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