Blog post #14: Gratitude

With this blog post I´d like to give thanks. Here you see the cover of a little booklet I made.

Whoever came up with this question – influenced my actions quite a bit till now.

Not many pages, but many experiences and reflections behind it. My PhD journey has been one with many ups and downs so far. A learning journey if you want. My research showed the importance of a learning community. I want to say thank you to my learning community – with which I could discuss observations, thoughts and feelings. Which made me reflect upon myself.

I´d have to name too many individuals here, so I´ll leave it like that. Whoever told me – the so-called „Queen of Quotes“ – the following one: I´m grateful. I have learnt a lot.

Calls for an attitude shift of our perception of failing, I´d say.

Let´s keep moving.

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