Blog post #24: Slave of mind – no more

Statement: My head, my thoughts, my mind, my (lack of) self-esteem is stopping me from doing things.


  1. Yes.
  2. No.

If the first answer applies: I invite you to enjoy the conversation between Rayya Elias & Elizabeth Gilbert:

A while ago I needed to bring something down to paper. Because I confess: my answer is yes. And if not stopping – at least I feel slowed down sometimes.


Ode to self-esteem


Dear wrinkle slightly below each of my eyes,

I like you because you appear each time I need to smile.

You are a testimony that my life so far has provided me plenty of opportunities to do so.

This wrinkle stands for joy in my life.

A reason to be grateful for.


Dear scar above my lips.

I like you because you tell a story.

I decided to frame it as a story of love and care.

You are with me since the moment I fell out of my parents´ bed where I experienced the safety of growing up in a loving family.

This scar stands for care in my life because whatever happens, whenever (and where ever I fall from) I know there will be somebody looking after my well-being.

I am a lucky person.


Dear freckled nose,

I like you because despite your discussable shape you allow me to inhale what not only fills me with oxygen but with the joy of being alive: fresh air.

I don´t know what the freckles could stand for but I know where they “stand” on comes from my mother´s side.

Known and unknown traits from the past letting me breathe.


Dear multi-colored eye-lashes,

I like you because you show that things don´t need to end how they have started.

There is a spectrum of everything.

And you are not totally straight.

Life takes turns and curves.

These eyelashes stand against uniformity in life. They stand for

exploring and living life in different facets, colors, and in movement.


Dear scar above my right eye,

I like you because I cannot tell where you stem from.

You stand for mystery in my life.

Not everything can be explained which doesn´t mean that it cannot be there.

You are a sign of miracle in life.


Dear blue-grey eyes,

I acknowledge you. In the year 2020 you still represent privilege.

Something one benefits from without having contributed to anything in particular. A matter of destiny.

You stand for responsibilty and duty – this starts with having my eyes widely open to see what´s going on on this planet and act accordingly. Instead of a sign of distinction and difference you shall be one of deep TRUST which unfolds by daring to look into each other´s eyes.

You stand for CONNECTION, a foundation of peace.


Dear right hand,

I like you because you allow me to recreate mental space through the outlet of thoughts through writing.

You stand for action and reflection in life, and for support.


Dear self-esteem,

You better took note of these words. They are dedicated towards you. Whenever you are hiding I´ll remember you of them. I promise.

Together we are strong. And the world needs us now.

You are a sign of intrinsic value. Something nature has, therefore, something each of us has.

No matter the amount of scars, colors, special body features.

I am of value.


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