Blog post #33: I’m in service. I’m eduCATERING.

I´m a foodie and a gardener. So, it´s not a surprise that I have a kind of “catering-enterprise”. What I cater?

I educate. I´m EduCATERING.

As a learning facilitator I see myself in service of providing fertile conditions for people to engage in learning opportunities.

Inspired, amongst others, by Ken Robinson I see as my calling to provide for fertile soils so we human seeds can sprout.

As I have already said: I love gardening and good food. Gardening as well as educating takes time, it´s a process which requires the ability to observe and to listen carefully to what is needed in the specific moment. Both activities, gardening and educating, demand a certain presence. What a holy place to be – the present.

Nevertheless, a garden, with its different beds, and seminars, workshops, courses – they benefit from thought-through preparations. Of course, things will come differently then, as you can´t directly influence the weather or temperature. Experience taught me how to deal with uncertain situations so again, both, gardening and facilitating, require being skilled at improvising.

Now it makes me smile that, when I was younger, I couldn´t see how all my different passions can all fit together at some point. But they do.

Yes, the strongest barriers to overcome are in our heads. Good that we have hands and hearts as well to show us our path.

I´m thankful and joyful to be able to say I´m on mine. Today was once again a magic moment: I found a sketch, visualizing what I want to do. What I envisioned I put down on paper in 2021. This must have been around the time I finished my doctoral thesis.

Two years later, with a smile, I can say: That´s exactly what I´ve been doing since then.

I have designed and facilitated courses within the Leuphana Sustainable Entrepreneurship Certificate, bridging gaps between sustainability & economy. I have contributed articles & chapters to some books, and for a year now I have been working as a learning architecture agent in the transformation::spaces for future-oriented learning.

I´m deeply grateful for all these experiences and the people I met along this journey.

As my position in the project comes to end soon, the question is: How does the journey continue?

One thing is sure: I´ll continue following my passion. And this is to garden & to facilitate & to cater.

To be in service.


The next learning journey I´m offering is called “Growing Together”. If you want to know more about it please reach out: For other stuff I do see here.

I´m looking forward to the upcoming season 😉

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