Blog post #28: Angekommen // Arrived // Arrivée // Llegado // Ankommet

Homecoming to oneself. Needs are known and it is acted accordingly. You are seen if you also manage to see yourself.

Feeling fulfilled.


Home within my body.

My soul in peace.


Me. Nobody more. Nobody less.


Here right now, with all that happened to me till now.

Present in the very moment I am standing here.

For years I had the longing to “arrive”.

I guess I somewhat knew that I am longing a certain feeling and not a physical place or other person.

How did it happen?

It happened again while I was embedded in a community.

I contributed. It made sense. It was challenging. It felt so worth it.

Everyday challenges. Personal, little, bigger challenges.

In contact with people. Relating to each other. Connecting.


I felt I could be who I am – and contribute exactly that way.

Nothing less was the vision behind this community gathering: Supporting each other to dare to be who we truly are.

What a field. What an environment.

What a fertile soil for seeds to sprout.

I was there to take care of the soil.

And the seedlings? And the other soil care-takers, or stewards of the land as a dear farmer once said?

They were what made me little plant grow and shine and bear fruit.

What the fruit is, you wonder?

Simply ME.

Shining bright, feeding my surrounding with what I carry inside me:

Deep gratitude and joy for life.


I don´t want people to work to survive. I want people (to work) to thrive.


Thanks go to the people I had the chance to work and thrive with during a three week summer camp in Lauenburg (summer 2021).


CC BY 4.0
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