Blog post #2: „Learning to collaborate is life-long“

…nevertheless, it is assumed when entering the workplace that we already know how to collaborate. Praxis, however, shows us that we might want to reconsider this assumption – and act accordingly. Rebecca Freeth shares in her blog post Learning to collaborate while collaborating the essence of her and Guido Caniglia´s article. I had to smile reading… Blog post #2: „Learning to collaborate is life-long“ weiterlesen

Blog post #1: In touch with well-being

„Get in touch with your passion and talents to steer society on a sustainable trajectory!“ was the call of a workshop I had the chance to attend at Leuphana University of Lüneburg last week. It was organized and facilitated by Milena Gross who holds a M.Sc. in Global Sustainability Science (Leuphana University Lüneburg and Arizona… Blog post #1: In touch with well-being weiterlesen

Sources of inspiration

Here I´d like to showcase human and non-human sources of inspiration for me. I call myself a pollinator. Why? Because I am carrying forward ideas, from one context to another, connecting people. Delivering inspiration and empowerment – something I personally needed and still need to grow as a person who wants to actively live her… Sources of inspiration weiterlesen

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